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The conversational
commerce platform
designed for dealers

Make it easier for your customers to

  • Keep your dealership open 24/7

    Offer a complete car buying experience from your website and Facebook. Your customers can browse your inventory and ask questions anytime through live chat, texts and messenger.

  • Delight your customers

    Work together to increase customer satisfaction. Watch live conversations and jump in to make a personal connection with your customers.

  • Showcase your offers

    Highlight your best offers and display them based on unique visitor behavior to create a personalised experience for your customers.

  • Prepare for Leads

    Get high quality bottom of funnel leads that are ready to convert into sales. Turn us on and watch the leads pour into your CRM.

  1. Beast AI makes it personal

    We score and profile your web visitors so you can target shoppers with offers and engagements based on their unique behaviour.

  2. Invest in professionals

    Our chat professionals are trained to the highest standards to deliver the best experience for your customers.

Meet the Gubagoo Solutions

Auto dealer live chat, text, video, messenger and marketplace solutions for your business

  • ChatSmart

    The most powerful dealer Live Chat in automotive. Always be available for your customers, and convert more website visitors into sales.

  • Publisher

    Highlight offers based on user behavior to convert even more web visitors into leads. Emphasise inventory and specials, and trigger them by time, page and intent.

Everything in one convenient app

Trusted by over 6,000 dealerships

  • “We’re always keen to embrace new technologies, especially those that open new channels of engagement between our customers and our business. In the first week, Gubagoo handled over 500 chats for Swansway – which is more than we received in a full month with a previous chat product. More importantly, the quality was great, and we’ve seen a significant increase in leads – more than 200 in the first week.”

    Anna Ling
    Group Marketing Manager, Swansway Group
  • “Whilst there was a certain degree of trepidation in using a product relatively new to the UK market, Gubagoo has relieved us of any concerns with a very positive and pro-active approach. We are delighted by the response so far and can even go as far as saying that the conversation quality has already been seen to be significantly higher than our previous UK supplier.   We are already exploring the improvements we can make together through collaborative partnership, and we are encouraged by how well both Gubagoo and GForces understand our objectives as they adjust the service to our business needs.”

    Allen Scott
    Group Marketing and Communications Director, Snows Group
  • “Bridgend Ford began using Gubagoo as our Live Chat provider nearly a month ago and we can report 100% satisfaction in what we have seen so far. The speed in which customers are responded to are far quicker than anyone we have used previously but it does not compromise the quality of the conversations. Each agent has been polite and informative with each and every customer that has engaged with our website. We are also very impressed with how quickly the live chats are sent directly to us so we can action them. In a world that demands fast responses, we are delighted to see the transcripts sent to us within minutes which enables us to give our customers a better experience.”

    Oliver Lewis
    Marketing Manager, Bridgend Ford
  • “RMB Automotive have seen an impressive conversion rate, following a successful two-months using the Gubagoo Live Chat solution. In February, we received over a hundred good quality leads from 255 chats hosted by Gubagoo on our behalf. Approximately 30% of these led to either a direct sale, or a service or MOT booking. We can certainly accredit at least ten vehicle sales to the Gubagoo leads in February alone. March followed the same trend, with 228 chats generating 113 leads. That puts the monthly conversion rate at just over 60% for February, and closer to 70% for March. Overall, we couldn’t be happier, with the quality of the chats being just as impressive as the conversion rate so far. We look forward to continuing the trend and our journey with Gubagoo. ”

    Leigh Manktelow
    Group Marketing Manager, RMB Automotive

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You’ll receive all leads directly via e-mail as standard but as well as this, through an Enquiry API’s with our UK partner, GForces, all Gubagoo leads can be sent directly to your CRM. Integrations are available with any provider where they allow lead API’s, including the following leading CRM providers.

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